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Hi there!

We wanted to do this for a long time… as I couldn’t wait till the release of our new website… (I didn’t say anything!) Here we go our (un)official blog is opened! And Welcome!

Why this blog instead of your forum?

The primarily purpose of this blog is to share useful information, tips and tricks related directly or indirectly to our tools. These posts will happen on a regular basis based on the feedback we get from you guys. I really think the format of a blog is more suited and focused than on our public forums.

Why not just improve the user documentation?

Okay, we admit it, the search engine of our html documentation is pretty bad… Right now there’s a good chance you never find what you are looking for. In fact, what’s actually really bad is that the info is right there most of the time but not within reach of the search engine… Sorry about that… but the good news is that we’re working on it.

Okay, but would you believe me if I tell you that sometimes the info is right there, right in front of your eyes?

3D View tooltip

Did you ever notice the tooltip at the top? The one that explains what the current tool does?

If you missed that, don’t worry: you’re not alone and that’s actually the whole point of this blog! In fact, you can’t actually imagine the number of times we are asked for specific features that are already there in Clarisse! Yes! Feature is right there, ready to be used but sadly remains completely ignored by our users!

So, yep, the point of this blog is to discuss in a less formal way about interesting things and topics related to Clarisse. It will let us bring you information way more quickly than our other usual medias. For example, our Technical Artists will post here small and focused videos without the extra polish we usually provide on the ones you find on our Youtube’s channel. The main idea behind this blog is to build a place where you learn pro tips and tricks thinking:

How cool! That’s pretty smart, I didn’t know about that!

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