Pegasus takes off!

Finally we are releasing Clarisse 3.0 codenamed Pegasus! You can already download the latest PLE and play with the updated contents. So what I can say is about this new version? Simply we’re all very proud of it! Yes, we’re very proud because we wrote a new path tracer from ground up. We’re also very proud because we have improved greatly look development in Clarisse through the new Material Editor, OSL support and advanced baking tools. We also revamped completely the manipulators including the implementation of snapping and alembic export to simplify layout. Scripting is now made simple thanks to python command output in Clarisse log. Just check out what’s new since 2.0 and remember this release note doesn’t include bug fixes!

A bit of background on this release

We started working on Pegasus core about 23 months ago. At the time we were just 9 at Isotropix and we end up releasing it with a team of over 30 people! We just tripled the company size and we keep growing!

3.0 is the result of hard work and close relationships with people from major studios such as DNeg, ILM and WETA but also smaller sized ones. The core of 3.0 is a tech that helped creating the VFX of many blockbusters including Star Wars The Force awakens, the upcoming Star Trek beyond and many more. Here is the up to date list:

To find more information about Clarisse iFX 3.0 just go there:

Finally I invite you to come and visit us at SIGGRAPH 2016 booth #367 to see live demo of Clarisse 3.0! Hoping to see you there!