3D View: Managing item visibility

Clarisse introduces new concepts such Images (+layers) Contexts and Groups that aren’t found in any other 3D DCC application. They are intrinsically linked to visibility management in Clarisse and as they are unique they can be confusing for new users.

“The first time I opened the content project “city.project”, there’s one thing I found awkward: each time I was picking geometry, my 3D View was automatically updated as if my camera was being teleported to another location.”

Of course, the explanation was pretty simple: my 3D View was set to Context mode. To be honest, it took me a while to completely master these different modes as they are very unique to Clarisse. It took me slightly longer to get used to the Context concept but, strangely, contexts are now so important in my workflow, I can’t imagine myself working without them anymore…

I’ve prepared a little video which gives an overview of the different 3D View display modes. Hopefully it will help new comers to grasp these fundamental concepts faster.  As a bonus at the end of the video, I introduced the brand new Isolate mode which appeared in Clarisse Pegasus (3.0) version..

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